Pull Up To Ideeyah’s ‘Bumpah’


We first got to know singer Ideeyah as a member of music group Collective Peace on songs like recent single and video “Soul Bounce.” But when she’s not providing melodic vocals for fantastically named singles for the Detroit based group, Ideeyah is making beautiful music in her own right. In fact, over the holiday, she channeled her inner Grace Jones to release her new single, “Bumpah.”

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If you haven’t guessed it, “Bumpah” is a revamp of Grace Jones’ 1981 hit “Pull Up To The Bumper.” While Ideeyah definitely keeps the sass and innuendo of the original, she slows things down just a tad for her cover with slow jam synths and finger snaps. But soon, the rhythm picks up as vocal samples are weaved in along with hard hitting drums and an elastic bass groove that keeps things funky through the songs end. As if that wasn’t enough, though, Ideeyah saw fit to grace us with two alternate versions of the track as well — one that channels that spirit and rhythm of Afrobeat and another that evokes the disco-tinged funk of the early ’80s.

All three versions of “Bumpah” are being offered up for free download as a gift to music lovers everywhere. But before you add the tracks to your collection, pull up to our bumper (pause) and give each one a spin below.

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