Kenny Lattimore Aims To Fix What's Broken In 'What Must I Do'


R&B mainstay Kenny Lattimore has been promoting his latest album, Anatomy of a Love Song, something serious, dropping a handful of singles and videos along the way. And it seems the crooner isn't done yet, as he's released the video for Anatomy of a Love Song track "What Must I Do."

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Perhaps borrowing a page from Jill Scott's recent clip for "Back Together," Kenny opts to not appear in the video himself. Instead, he goes a more traditional route, casting actors to play out an all-too-familiar story about the pitfalls of love and marriage. The clip opens with a happy couple as they purchase their home together. They're all smiles, of course, but fast forward a few years (and a hairstyle or two) later, and it seems that things aren't so happy-go-lucky anymore. The couple seems to always be arguing and the distance between the spouses is quite palpable. So it's no wonder that a keen-eyed and single neighbor senses the wife's pain one day and decides to shoot his shot. Hurt and frustrated, she plays into his hands as she smiles and flirts while making sure not to cross the line. Still, even a blind man can see that this situation can't end well for all parties involved.

So how does it end? Well, we're not in the business of spoiling viewing experiences, so we'll leave it up to you to find out. See the drama unfold and listen to Kenny's sweet crooning when you press play below.

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