Karina Pasian Wants Her 'Love Right Next To You' In New Video


Karina Pasian had been slowly preparing her return to the scene (remember that Rihanna cover?), but if there was any doubt, her latest single, "Love Right Next to You," declares that she's back in a big way.

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In the song's music video, Pasian is seeing double — perhaps in a nod to her forthcoming EP's expected title, Parallel Worlds — and finds her going from a high fashion photo shoot and entering a paintball war zone, all in the name of love. Donning a white wedding dress, the singer romps through the rapid-fire game as the pulsating beat of the tune pounds in the background. Not only is she ride-or-die for the man who brought her into the fire, but the lyrics repeatedly proclaim a strong desire to love — on equal terms, of course.

There's a lot going on visually, including an interesting interlude with another man — whose relationship could be that of a side piece or a manager, it's hard to tell — which momentarily brings Karina down in the clip. But the feel-good melody and the ever-present smiles will easily lighten the mood throughout the majority of the clip.

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