Jesse Boykins III Has Something To Show & 'Tell' In New Visuals


Jesse Boykins III may have dropped his album The Love Apparatus over a year ago, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't still have music to share from the album. To prove that fact, the singer dropped another video from the almost two-year-old set for our viewing pleasure with "Tell Me."

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The song itself finds the wild-haired crooner asking the pertinent questions in his relationship when he feels that his love might be pulling away. While that might seem pretty straightforward, we already knew that the artistic Mr. Boykins wouldn't simply translate that sentiment to film. Instead, he gathers up a bevy of eclectic beauties and tapes their mouths shut. While that might seem a bit extreme, it's to represent how women have been silenced throughout history. As well, it's the words written on the tape ("pain," "purpose," "hate," "lost" and a few others) that tell their stories. Meanwhile, a bearded (and shirtless) JBIII serenades throughout the clip and even mouths a few of song guest Theophilus London's bars. As the black-and-white clip continues, the women eventually remove the tape from their mouths, finally gaining the freedom to speak. We then see each woman surrounded by balloons with a smile on her face.

The artistic clip is of course what we've come to expect from the ever-creative Mr. Boykins. And with the new year looming on the horizon (and Jesse dropping three new songs this past June), hopefully we can expect some new tunes from him as well.

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