Faith Evans Has Us 'Fallin' In Love' All Over Again


It is indeed funny how time flies when you're enjoying good music. That's why when we were creating this year's Class of 1995 series, we couldn't believe that Faith Evans' classic debut Faith had reached the two decade milestone. While the R&B diva has proven her staying power many times over since then, it never hurts to look back and honor your beginnings. In that spirit, Faith is gearing up to release #Faith2o, an EP of remakes from her debut, and she gives us the first taste of the set, a revamp of "Fallin' In Love," as an early Christmas present.

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The original, a dreamy, airy R&B jam that utilized a smooth flip of Patrice Rushen's "Remind Me," was one of the highlights on an album full of them. For her retake of the track, she doesn't change up much. The Patrice Rushen sample is still present, as are some of the backing vocals she utilizes. However, the production does get beefed up, adding a bit more bump to the bass, some funky guitar and synth flourishes and few vocal samples from her late, great hubby The Notorious B.I.G. for a little extra touch of magic. But the biggest change here is Faith herself. No longer the young ingenue, she brings a bit more grown woman sass to the affair. As well, her seasoned voice is much more self-assured here, adding a bit more warmth and feeling to the track.

While the song is an early gift, it looks like Faith fans might be getting the best Christmas present ever. Though she's made no distinct promises, she has hinted that her Faithfuls should stay tuned in to her SoundCloud profile come Christmas day. Will they find #Faith20 in their stockings? While we settle in to wait and see, check out her revamp of "Fallin' In Love" right here.

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