Christina Milian & Lil’ Wayne Force Us To Watch Them ‘Do It’


Christina Milian and Lil’ Wayne just won’t leave us alone. After their public breakup and the release of their awkward duet “Do It” off of Milian’s 4U EP, they’re now forcing us to watch a video that spotlights their chemistry and failed relationship. Don’t get us wrong, the New Jersey native starlet is talented, but it’s quite painful to watch her play trap Tammi Terrell to Lil’ Wayne. On the bright side, she looks incredible here. Her styling is on point and the effort that she has put into boom-kacking in top-notch shape is commendable. But there is something about the way that she is fiending over Wayne and his infamous cup while repeatedly singing, “We don’t really know what we’re doing,” that screams desperation.

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Fortunately, 4U drops this Friday and we’ll be able to see what the “Say I” singer has to offer musically on her own on more new songs like “Rebel” and “Liar.” For now, check out the “Do It” video and pre-order your copy of the forthcoming EP off of iTunes.

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