Butcher Brown Have A 'Very' Special 'Holiday' Treat For You


The year may be coming to a close, but Butcher Brown isn’t done spreading the funk just yet. From “Ooooo” with Braxton Cook to their D’Angelo cover and back again for their GrownFolk album, this band of Virginia musicians showed and proved this year. To top it all off, they’re bringing you a little bit of Christmas cheer sprinkled with a whole lot of funk. They have unleashed a brand new holiday project that’s called A Very Butcher Holiday, and while it may be short, it’s very sweet.

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For A Very Butcher Holiday, the boys have chosen to breathe new life into two old holiday classics. They take “Little Drummer Boy,” deeming it “Lil Drummer Boi,” and also beef up “Sleigh Ride,” calling their take “Sleigh Ridin.” Both tracks are exactly what you would expect from Butcher Brown, a perfected instrumental mix of jazz, funk and soul. There is pocket drumming. There are horns blaring. There are bass-lines that will leave you with your face scrunched up. If you like your holiday music with some stank on it to go with your eggnog with that drank in it, then this is just what you need.

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