Avery*Sunshine's 'Got Sunshine' To Spare


Although it hasn't officially arrived yet, Avery*Sunshine is on a mission to rob winter of its chill this year. We're still feeling the warmth of her smoky vocals on "Never Knew Christmas," a snuggle-worthy ballad that belongs on your holiday playlist. Now she's sharing the most intense heat of all — which also happens to be the secret of her undeniable radiance and the inspiration behind her name — with a brand new video for "I Got Sunshine." Fans of Avery's music will no doubt recognize the tune from her 2010 eponymous debut album. With uplifting lyrics and a positive energy that is timeless, it's no wonder the song remains a concert staple and crowd favorite at her live performances.

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Frequent collaborator Konee Rok is at the helm, so we already knew that we were in for a treat. (This is the man who made house chores look fun, after all.) And what better way to capture the fluid energy of the song than through the wonder of animation. As the song's theme and lyrics are played out on-screen, we can't help but relate to the stressful situations that sometimes overwhelm us. But Avery's optimistic outlook and unbridled exuberance have a transformative effect that grabs hold and gives hope that better days are ahead. Five years may seem like a long time to wait, but we think you'll agree that this feel-good video is right on time.

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