Anthony Hamilton & The Hamiltones Put Their Soul Spin On Rae Sremmurd's 'Come Get Her'


Anthony Hamilton made sure that his fans had a very Merry Christmas with the December 25th release of another video with The Hamiltones taking a popular hip hop track and refixing it with a splash of soul and dash of gospel. Recorded at the same time as their combination cooking show and impromptu concert when they sang 2 Chainz's "Watch Out" in their own special way (while rocking his Dabbing Santa sweaters), the fellas decided to also tackle Rae Sremmurd's "Come Get Her."

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Although we still don't know how to pronounce Rae Sremmurd's name and they're a little too ratchet for our tastes, what Anthony, J.Vito and Jack "JK" King do with their song about your girl getting wild for the night is all we need to get by. J. Vito takes the lead by singing the chorus before JK and AHam join him in a heaven-sent, three-part harmony. The mini-concert is also part comedy act when J. Vito switches up the lyrics to sing, "She's taking all my tithes," and Anthony starts a church clap that looks like he's making it rain in the strip club. The harmonies and hilarities don't stop up until Anthony's big finish, singing all up in the camera.

Anthony Hamilton and The Hamiltones are killing us softly with their Southern fried renditions of other folks' songs, and we can't wait to hear what they bless with their perfect pipes next.

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