Mahalia Debuts 'Borrowers' & Announces Her 'Never Change' EP


After penning a letter to her younger self on “Maisie,” Mahalia is back already to announce her debut EP, Never Change, with its lead single “Borrowers.” This young songstress has always seemed quite wise for her years, but this powerful new ballad proves just how advanced she really is. Both the song and its accompanying video reveal the 17-year-old’s deep understanding of love as she sings a song about growth and past relationships.

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While “Maisie” found Mahalia writing to herself, “Borrowers” finds her addressing her old loves and admitting that she wasn’t quite ready for what they shared together. She admits that she was naïve to the games in the past, but now she’s ready to play a few games of her own. Essentially, she’s asking to borrow your heart and use it all up until she has had enough. Then she plans on returning it to you and going on about her business. That’s cold, but at least she’s being up front. As far as her sound goes, Mahalia follows in the footsteps of the likes of her fellow UK natives Sam Smith and Adele by sticking to a basic ballad format with her vocals shining bright over a soft piano foundation.

Mahalia’s Never Change EP is set to drop on December 11th, and while you wait to hear more of what she has prepared you can find the budding star headlining a tour throughout the UK from November 24th through December 13th. For more information and to purchase tickets, you can visit her website now.

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