Lianne La Havas Reflects On Her Journey In 'Green & Gold'


Lianne La Havas made quite the return this year with her sophomore set, Blood. With each dreamy, lush tune, the album expanded upon the intimate feel that Lianne has been delivering since she first gained attention with her debut, Is Your Love Big Enough?. Though each of Blood's songs feels as if they come from the singer/songwriter's own diary, the most personal of the bunch seems to be "Green & Gold." The song muses on Lianne learning to accept and love the person she's growing into from the tender age of six years old to present day.

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For the song's video, Lianne takes a unique approach. Like the clip for "Unstoppable," we see her alone as she sings while she looks at her reflection in the pieces of a shattered mirror. What at first seems somber becomes joyous as we see her eventually fix the fractured glass so that we can see her resplendent beauty as she moves around in a gold jumpsuit with leg baring slits. With her signature bouncy curls and a wide smile, it's easy to see that the six-year-old who questioned her nose in the mirror has grown into a beautiful, self-assured young woman. And when she leaves the mirrored set to frolic in the sun in a flowy red dress, it's hard not to smile right along with her.

Take a peek at "Green & Gold" right here and get ready for the good vibes that will surely follow.

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