Kayper Resurrects Erykah Badu’s ‘Next Lifetime’


London-based DJ and producer Kayper has put her own spin on Erykah Badu’s classic “Next Lifetime.” Yeah, we know. Ms. Badu is one of those artists we all hold dear, and when someone threatens to put their on spin on her songs, they usually get an automatic side-eye and a kind, “Thanks, but no thanks.” However, Kayper’s refix gets a pass, breathing new life into the song with an awesomely original take.

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Kayper’s flip of “Next Lifetime” starts off pretty laid-back before exploding into a hypnotic, atmospheric house groove of bouncy synths and hand claps, turning the slow jam into an uptempo house number. While the production is turned way up, Badu’s vocals have been turned down to a lower, more distorted pitch. Her raspy voice alto replaced with a deep, husky tenor. Imagine if the song was sung by Sylvester during the ‘80s and you’ll see what we mean.  

We’re not quite sure what we did to deserve such a treat, but we’re not complaining. Kayper’s spin on Erykah Badu’s classic will have us gyrating and percolating into the “Next Lifetime.” 

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