Joe Pays Tribute To Adele & Says 'Hello' In A Big Way


Move over Drake and take "Hotline Bling" with you, because there's a new song that everyone and their daddy is now trying their hand at covering: Adele's monster hit "Hello." It was only a matter of time for other artists to latch on to this song, and so far we're really digging the renditions we've heard, starting with Jade Novah's stunner and now continuing with R&B crooner Joe impressing even further with a cover and a music video.

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Simply posting an MP3 up on SoundCloud of his remake wasn't enough for Joe. He kicked his version of "Hello" up several notches with a visual accompaniment in the form of a slick black-and-white clip. We see Joe seated at a white grand piano tickling the ivories while the camera pans around the room to show his numerous gold and platinum plaques that adorn his walls. New York City's skyline as seen from a car crossing a bridge is also featured throughout, but the focus is primarily on Joe who emotes as he belts out the power ballad. The visual treatment is a lovely bonus, however the main attraction here is Joe's vocal performance. The veteran performer flexes his tenor all over "Hello" and infuses it with a soul and energy that brings Adele and Greg Kurstin's lyrics to life in a way that she didn't.

Much like other R&B and soul artists before him (Ike & Tina Turner's "Proud Mary," Donny Hathaway's "A Song For You," Maxwell's "This Woman's Work," several tracks from Luther Vandross' catalog), Joe Thomas has taken a pop song and covered it in a warm coat of soul and, dare we say, made it his own. If you're going to remake a song, this is how you remake it.

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