Jamie Foxx's 'Love' Isn't Enough For His Runaway Bride


While most artists are warming our hearts with festive strains this holiday season, Jamie Foxx is opting for an alternate path to give us "the feels" with his latest video "In Love By Now." Though we enjoyed the track preview earlier this year, it lacked a certain oomph. Thankfully, the visuals provide just the push it needs to leave a lasting impression. We'll let you be the judge as to whether that impression is good or bad.

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The backdrop centers on the wedding day of Jamie and his lovely fiancée (Nicole Scherzinger). As the groom gets a pre-wedding pep talk from the minister (George Lopez), we can't help but smile for him during the most important day of his life. Something's amiss, however, as we soon see Jamie running on the beach foreshadowing that this particular story might not have a happy ending. The ceremony begins and we're introduced to family (including a cameo by his adorable daughter Annalise) and friends (we see you, Tank) interspersed with flashbacks of the happy couple. But unlike Fancy Monroe in the series finale of The Jamie Foxx Show, this bride-to-be just can't go through with it.

Understandably, Jamie is devastated, seeking piano-driven solace everywhere from the beach to the mountain top. Of course, we hold out hope that the tide will turn (literally and figuratively, 'cause dude is soaked by now). But alas, before we get to ask "Just how many pianos were harmed during the making of this video?," the screen fades to black and teases "To Be Continued." Watch the drama unfold below and let us know if you'll be tuning in for the sequel.

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