Emily King Flips Her 'Switch' With A Live Performance For Audiotree


Emily King’s tour may be over, but if you missed it, she is still giving you a chance to experience her live show from the comfort of your own home. The New York native got her band back together and took a trip to Audiotree to perform a lovely set and now you can watch and listen to it repeatedly, as we probably will. Tackling the biggest moments from her The Switch album, King and her musical squad eased their way through tracks like “Distance,” “The Animals” and even a special rendition of “Wishing Well.” She took a beat between each song to smile radiantly and discuss her wardrobe choices, favorite movies and collaborating with Jeremy Most.

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Watch Emily’s set via Audiotree now, and if you love what you’re hearing you can also make your way over to iTunes to download the performance in the form of a live EP.

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