Big Grams Get Trippy With The Visual For 'Fell In The Sun'


Have you had a chance to check out Big Grams' self-titled debut? If so, then you'd know that the group, a smashup of ATL rap legend Big Boi and New York electronic duo Phantogram, is bringing a unique blend of hip hop and electronic music that is definitely worth a listen. Their slick, shiny electro-trap sound is possibly best exemplified with the single "Fell In the Sun," which is a perfect synthesis of their two styles. It also happens to be the first song from the unlikely union to get the video treatment.

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To bring life to the song, the trio opted to go a bit psychedelic with kaleidoscopic light shows that frame their performances. Lights and lasers explode in bright bursts of color, creating patterns reminiscent of solar flares. Meanwhile, most of the group's performance is obscured by slightly blurred shots, which rarely focus on the performers. However, when the focus is tight on them, the clip's low budget is evident. At one point it actually looks like Big Boi is performing in front of a white wall in an office building rather than on a video set. Given that Big Grams is a seven-song release that was seemingly spur of the moment, the obviously limited budget can be forgiven. Still, it would've been nice to see a bit more oomph and creativity from a group consisting of two acts known for their visual flare.

Check out Big Grams' video for "Fell In the Sun" right here and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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