The SoulBounce Q&A: Allen Stone Shares The Thrill Of Playing Live, Giving Fans An Experience & Life On And Off The Road


There are a handful of artists who, although excellent on their albums and recorded material, kick it up several notches during their live performances and give fans a show worth every penny. Allen Stone is one of those artists. Anyone who’s seen him in concert will attest that his live show is an experience that needs to be had. Stone and his band have formed a tight unit that bring his blend of soul, pop and funk to glorious life on stage. Allen and company are ready to give fans a new feel on the fall leg of his Radius Tour that is currently underway.

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We had an opportunity to speak with Allen Stone before he hit the road for this latest tour and enjoyed a candid conversation about his major label debut, Radius, his artistic growth between projects, being a perfectionist, the importance of the live show, choosing the right opening acts and living the musician lifestyle. Read on to get to know Allen a little better and find out why seeing him on tour needs to be high on your to-do list.

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