The Internet Just Want To 'Get Away'


Nearly four months after the release of their critically acclaimed album Ego Death, The Internet has blessed us with a music video for the album’s opening song “Get Away.” Shot entirely in the band’s native Los Angeles, the video opens with the crew at a house party as they pour up and live it up while Syd tha Kyd appears to be over it. Syd looks disillusioned with the whole scene as the song starts with, “Now she wanna f**k with me / Live a life of luxury / Models in my money trees.”

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The scene then cuts to Syd in her modest bedroom, singing, “But I’m still driving around in my old whip / Still living at home,” before we see her arguing with her girl (well, her girl seems to be the one doing most of the arguing). Another scene change finds the band rocking out and getting down in the sunshine against graffiti-laden building walls. The visuals accompany the song’s lyrics down to a T. While the band has reached a new height of fame in the past couple of years, there are some things that may ultimately stay the same, whether by choice or because of other outside factors. However, there’s also this deep realization of the way fame can affect personal relationships. The video does a great job of enhancing this theme while also focusing on the band outside of all the glitz and glamour. The best scenes are the ones with The Internet just vibing and having fun as a band. Their cohesiveness and chemistry with each other is as apparent in the music video as it is when they perform live.

The Internet can currently be seen on their North American Tour, with upcoming stops in New Orleans, LA on October 16th and San Antonio, TX on October 18th. Seeing these guys perform live should be any music lover’s goal, so catch them on stage if you can.

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