SoulBounce Exclusive: 'Latch' On To Applejac & Daniel Crawford's Disclosure & Sam Smith Remix


It's hard to believe that "Latch," the breakout hit that introduced many to Disclosure and Sam Smith, is three years old. Since that time, both acts have gone on to worldwide success, with Disclosure most recently releasing their sophomore album, Caracal, and Smith singing the latest James Bond theme. But "Latch" is what kicked off the frenzy, and the song is still a favorite of ours no matter how many times we've heard it.

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Although we have an affinity for the original, we're always down to hear other artist's interpretations of the song in remake or remix form. So when our fam Applejac hit us up with his take on "Latch," we were all ears and once the soulful house groove hit our eardrums the rest of our body parts got in motion, too. Applejac totally switches up the sound of "Latch" with his signature four on the floor spin with an extra dose of shuffling percussion and synths. He also enlisted another SoulBounce fave, Daniel Crawford, to bless the track with some stellar piano work (what he does on the extended bridge is particularly of note), and together they create a heavenly seven minutes and change of remix glory. Applejac and Crawford have injected new life into "Latch," and you'll want to get yours on the nearest dance floor -- or create your own wherever you are.

Relax, relate and release yourself to the exclusive SoulBounce world premiere of Applejac and Daniel Crawford's "Latch" remix right here, and grab the limited time free download on us.

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