Get Caught Up With Angie Stone's '2 Bad Habits'


After a wrong turn down the road of R&B Divas: Atlanta and all the unnecessary drama that brought, our girl Angie Stone is back on the right track with a new single, "2 Bad Habits," and a new album, Dream, on the way. "2 Bad Habits" is another soulful offering from the powerhouse singer who's brought us "No More Rain (In This Cloud)," "Wish I Didn't Miss You" and "Brotha" over the course of her 35+ year career. On the track, Stone sings about her wine and her man being both of her two bad habits, and we see a little bit of each in the song's music video.

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Stone, who looks fabulous at 53, is the main focus of the video. We see her filmed in mostly black-and-white against backdrops that change color while she's getting her makeup done or flirting with her bae. There's no storyline as such, but the scenes of Stone, her video boo and a few extra video models loosely tell the story of the song while lyrics also flash on screen. It's an eye-catching visual, even if it isn't the most original we've seen nor on the level of Stone's past videos (there's no Idris Elba cameo here).

Watch Angie Stone break down her "2 Bad Habits" right here, and get ready to Dream with her when the new album drops on November 6th.

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