Empire Watch: A New Dynasty Emerges But Lucious Still Reigns


Jamal rolls up on Ghetto Ass Studios to talk some sense into Hakeem and get him to come back to Empire to release his album. Hakeem entertains the conversation, but he knows something isn’t right. Later, back at his crib, he entertains Valentina in his hot tub. Over at Jamal’s spot, Rhonda is there to tell him that she’s pregnant and basically beg him to take Andre back into the Empire. But wasn’t this the same woman who told Andre that the new company was a good idea? Hmmm.

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Unknown to him, Lucious has a new lawyer. That Thirtsy dude has been busy, and he manages to get Lucious his necessary meds and recording equipment into the prison. A storage closet is set up as a makeshift studio, and his crew is waiting on him to spit that hot fiyah. Because that’s so believable. Lucious finishes torturing our ears with the complete version of “Snitch Bitch” and next thing you know Officer McKnight and his boys kick in the door. The party is clearly over, and Lucious gets taken to the hole. McKnight and Lucious exchange more words and their disdain for each other thick in the air. Threats are made, but neither is scared. Although, after Officer McKnight gets jumped by two goons in the parking garage, he should have taken Lucious’ threats to heart. Turns out that the goons were working for Thirsty, and they were entrusted with getting the laptop Officer McKnight confiscated from Lucious (why did he leave work with the laptop in the first place, though?) and turning it over to him.

Hakeem assures Cookie and Andre that he is staying loyal to them and not going back to Empire. He even goes so far to leak his debut album that’s been in Empire limbo to teach his father and Jamal that he aint the one to be played with. Unfortunately with that little stunt, Andre has had enough and he wants out. Cookie begs him to stay, but his mind is made up. Andre’s gone, but Cookie is determined and she finally happens upon a name for their new label: Lyon Dynasty.

Lucious agrees to a jailhouse meeting with Andre, but when Andre tells him that he apologizes and wants back in the Empire, he gets the biggest blow of all when Lucious tells him that he doesn’t forgive him. In one of the most powerful moments thus far this season, Andre confronts Lucious about his hatred toward him and doesn’t understand why when he hasn’t brought him any of the drama that Jamal or Hakeem has. Before Lucious can answer, he flashes back to when he was a little boy. Young Lucious is in the arms of his mother, played by Kelly Rowland, and she’s singing “Itsy Bitsy Spider” to him, but something is off. The flashback scene cuts off before we’re given anymore insight into what may have happened to Lucious as a wee lad to turn him into who he is today, but there’s definitely something there.

While Andre is reeling from Lucious being Lucious, Jamal and Hakeem meet up in the former’s place to bond over music. Jamal is singing a new song that he wrote with Hakeem in mind entitled “Sorry Just Don’t Cut It.” Hakeem appreciates the gesture, but he makes it plain that he’s not coming back to Empire and how few damns he gives about it. Jamal dismisses him from his premises and Hakeem gladly rolls out and to Lyon Dynasty headquarters where Cookie is cleaning up. While they’re there, Lucious’ “Snitch Bitch” comes on the radio and they’re shocked that he dropped it from prison and at how good it is (to them at least). They take that as their cue to get their ish together before Lucious gets out of jail.

Little do Cookie and Hakeem know that Lucious is getting out of jail sooner than later with the thanks of Thirsty. He’s dug up some scandalous photos of the presiding judge in a very compromising position. Needless to say, this new “evidence” leads the judge to find that Lucious poses no flight risk and grants him bail. Hide your kids, hide your wife — Lucious is out, y’all!

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