Brayton Bowman Lets Us Listen In On 'Bieber's Hotline'


With their ubiquity, did you really think you'd be getting away from Drake's "Hotline Bling" or Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean?" any time soon. We hope not, because our man Brayton Bowman has something that you've just got to hear. Rather than cover one or the other, the Philly-bred singer decided to mash the two über-popular singles together to create a hot little number he's calling "Bieber's Hotline."

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As the electronic groove percolates behind him, utilizes the refrain from "Bling" and the verses from "WDYM?" to tell an uptempo tale of heartbreak. The production is reminiscent of the house-like shuffle that we've come to know (and love) Disclosure for, but Brayton manages to make it all his own. And, just when you think Bieber might be getting a bit more shine, Brayton drops in a slow-mo bridge that makes "Bling" the center of attention. Never has heartache, desperation and pettiness been so danceable. After taking a listen, you'll wonder why no one ever thought to mash these songs up before.

When Brayton's not reimagining modern day classics, he's busy promoting his own material. The singer dropped his recent EP, The Update, back in August and even had the pleasure of premiering it on Billboard. You can listen to (and get a free download of) "Bieber's Hotline" right here and check below for a listen to The Update.

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