All Cows Eat Grass 'Dance' The Night Away


We have been dancing down to All Cows Eat Grass since 2012 when we got into their The M.I.L.K. EP and deemed them Bounce-Worthy, so you already know that we’re ecstatic about their soon coming debut album Self Help. Our friends and Wondaland affiliates are now stepping out to make their mark on 2015 with their new albums’ lead single “If We Dance.” It’s synthy, funky and fun, and just what you need to get your playlists jumping again. They’re calling for “all the guys with the kicks and the girls with their heels on” to let loose and join them in dancing the night away. Who would decline such a fun call to action?

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Get into ACEG’s audio dance party and join us we impatiently await the release of Self Help. If you’re lucky enough to be in Atlanta this weekend, join our folks down at the The Basement as they bring their dance party to life for the AUC homecoming celebration on October 23rd.

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