Sanaa Lathan Makes An 'Emotional' Musical Debut


Her latest film, The Perfect Guy, may be at the top of the box office, but screen star Sanaa Lathan also made headlines this weekend for other reasons. The actress, who has been gracing the silver screen for nearly two decades now, has decided to dip her toes in musical waters and make her singing debut with new single "Emotional."

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Teaming up with producer Detail and upstart rapper DeJ Loaf, Sanaa utilizes the piano-driven production to detail her dislike of "emotional n*ggas." As pianist Chloe Flower provides accompaniment over Detail's choppy hip hop beat, Sanaa warbles with a slight assist from Auto-Tune about a dude that seems a wee bit too thirsty in his pursuit of her. He's blowing up her phone, asking her what she's up to and trying to insert himself in her world. And frankly, Sanaa's not here for it. In fact, she enlists DeJ to handle her light weight and let dude know that if he ain't a soldier, she ain't feelin' him.

Interestingly enough, this song isn't about a suitor being emotional as much as it's about him being clingy and annoying for her tastes, which most people don't deal with. As well, it's kind of baffling that Sanaa, who's garnered a respect for her work in everything from rom-coms to dramas to the stage, decided to release this downright terrible song as her debut single to introduce herself into the music world. With her acting career still hot, here's hoping that this music thing remains a hobby.

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