Mack Wilds Wants That 'Bonnie & Clyde' Love


Mack Wilds may just be getting us ready for cuffing season with his new song, "Bonnie & Clyde." Judging from his R&B track record, we're realizing Mr. Wilds is a fan of complicated relationships, especially since he's trying to get his ex back in his bedroom in his latest. Over a slow-tempo beat he sings, "So I feel the vibes / Look in your eyes / Put pride aside / Pull your panties to the side / Cause I wanna have you for the night / S**t, hope that he don't mind." Chivalry isn't really dead, but it's on hiatus in this track. The a cappella background vocals keep our attention as Mack successfully makes his shenanigans sound romantic. This does not a love story make, but Mack's voice along with the intermittent percussion and harmonious backgrounds make the song worth playing on repeat.

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Mack last gave us a loosie to rock to back in February with his SalaAM ReMi-produced "Girls Playin' Tricks." A few weeks ago he was cozying up with Bridget Kelly in the NYC summer-inspired "Act Like That," where he was attempting to put her in her place in their cute duet. While we wait for his next project to reveal itself, Mack has been promoting his latest movie on his Instagram, VH1's The Breaks, alongside Wood Harris and Method Man, which debuts this fall. If you're more interested in his singing than acting, you can hear more from the crooner through his last project, New York: A Love Story, which is still available on iTunes. Until then, listen to "Bonnie & Clyde" and let us know if you're down to take the ride with Mack. If you are, you can also download the track over on SoundCloud.

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