Kwabs Sticks To His 'Own' Formula In New Visuals


Kwabs often avoids the extra bells and whistles in his videos because he doesn't need them. The British electro-soul singer stays true to this formula in the slick visuals for his latest single "My Own." Just like the title of the track, we get Kwabs all to ourselves since the video features the lone singer in a room with a door as the ultimate focus. The monochrome video moves rapidly through different shots of Kwabs singing, with some scenes in black and white and others dipped in red. The color play and variety in wide angle and close up scenes clearly illustrates Kwabs' passion represented in the track, where he confidently proclaims "I want you all for my own."

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We will get even more of Kwabs tomorrow when he releases his debut album Love + War. Ahead of his September 11th release, the crooner has been counting down on his Facebook page just to remind us that it's coming, including dropping a few tracks in our laps like "Layback" and "Fight For Love."  If you want to hear more tracks like "My Own," you can pre-order his debut album on  iTunes right now and get your listen on in less than 24 hours.

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