JoJo Shows Us What It Looks Like 'When Love Hurts'


JoJo returned to us this summer when she released her highly anticipated "tringle," which consisted of singles "Say Love," "Save My Soul" and "When Love Hurts." While she's not going the same three-in-one release for the videos from the set, she has finally released the first visual from the triad and it's for "When Love Hurts."

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The synth-heavy dance pop number gets a clip that's high in concept and heavy on the dance. We find our girl in the middle of an abandoned warehouse draped in varying all-white, revealing designs as she cavorts with a variety of dancers. While she sings about how love and hurt go hand-in-hand, the dancers move around her with symmetric precision, creating some stunning images that are almost equivalent to moving sculptures. It's choreography that'll put you in mind of the some of the best dance music videos (Paula Abdul's "Cold Hearted" and Kylie Minogue's "Can't Get You Outta My Head" come to mind). We guess our girl is really trying to show that she's grown both musically and visually in the time that's passed between her projects.

There's no word on when we can view the other videos from JoJo's "tringle," but you can check out "When Love Hurts" right here.

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