Van Hunt's 'Muted Symphony' Deserves To Be Heard


While Tumblr has a reputation for supplying the world with an endless feed of the feels, sexy photos and whatever the kids are into these days, we rarely look toward the social network for new music. However, occasionally a surprise gem turns up. Such is the case with Van Hunt’s “Muted Symphony,” a song the artist recorded way back in 1999 using various elements from musical masters like Sly Stone, Charles Stepney and Patrick Warren. The final result is a silky smooth ode to quiet genius.

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On “Muted Symphony,” Van Hunt takes joy in his own creation, but fears sharing it with a world who may not appreciate it or be ready for his unique musical stylings. The artist laments that he’s “So afraid to be outstanding / Afraid to be seen.” Of course, his concerns are all for naught. “Muted Symphony” is a lush ballad that is disarming in its subdued brilliance and its multi-layered production full of subtle kettle drums, chimes and that almost trademark Van Hunt funky bass guitar wail. Van Hunt takes the inspiration of his musical mentors and infuses it with his own vocals and passion to create something impressive and wholly original.

After releasing his album The Fun Rises, The Fun Sets, no one was expecting to hear any new music from Van Hunt. However, “Muted Symphony” is a welcome surprise and a great addition to our playlists.

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