Tiara Thomas Brushes The Haters Off With ‘On Me’


Tiara Thomas proves you can’t keep a good girl gone bad down. The singer/songwriter/rapper known for appearing on Wale’s “Bad,” has faced rumors over her loyalty to Wale, departing from her record deal with Rico Love over creative differences, grinding out here in these streets without getting the recognition she deserves and even has Sallie Mae on her back. This would be enough to crush anyone’s spirits and get the haters circling.

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However, on her new song, “On Me,” Thomas wishes a hater would, confidently stating, “There’s no way you put your weight on me / You can’t throw the shade on me / You can’t put a label on me / You can’t put a stain on me.” Ryan Ryghteous Tedder (the guy behind Jennifer Lopez’s “Same Girl”) has laced Ms. Thomas with a silky smooth track. The production is both atmospheric, yet multi-layered, complimenting the lyrics with a subtly growling bassline that lets the haters know you’re unbothered by their immature antics, while letting a mf-er know they will catch wreck if they try it.

The video is just as smooth and seductive. The Christian Breslauer-directed video for “On Me,” is slick with the humble boast, opening like the title sequence to The Great Gatsby movie, with Tiara peeking through a picture frame, taking a few puffs on a blunt and letting everyone know you can’t put her in a box. There are also scenes of Tiara against a white background, the haters trying to come through the walls to claim her soul, and bathing casually in an antique tub.

With “On Me,” Tiara has crafted a smooth anti-hater anthem. While the lyrics really aren’t anything extraordinary, Tiara’s flow and swag are more than enough to carry the song over the sultry mid-tempo production. The song will appear on her upcoming EP, Up In Smoke, along with the previously released, “How It Is” and “One Night.” We look forward to hearing what Ms. Thomas has in store when the EP drops on August 12th.

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