The Weeknd Wants You To 'Tell Your Friends' About His 'Real Life'


The Weeknd has seen his star rise significantly lately, delivering music that is a bit more grown man-ish in approach and less coked out in shenanigans that has resonated with pop audiences. However, with the impending release of his latest album, Beauty Behind The Madness, Mr. Abel Tesfaye tell us things are just the same for gangstas, reminding us he’s still “...that n***a with the hair / singing ‘bout popping pills, f**king b*****s”  and doing generally unsavory things. In fact, that The Weeknd is front and center on the Kanye West-produced “Tell Your Friends” and in the unsettling video treatment for the song.

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The Grant Singer-directed clip is at least a thematic — if not literal — sequel to The Weeknd’s previous video for “I Can’t Feel My Face.” The previous clip closed with The Weeknd literally on fire. This clip opens with a scene of a burning bush in the desert before the camera pans over to Mr. Tesfaye digging his own grave. After finishing the job and brushing the dirt off his shoulder, our “hero” shoots the man responsible for his death from the last video, delivering a shot to the chest and then one to the face for good measure. Mr. Tesfaye then hops in his Bentley and another song from his album, “Real Life,” begins playing as he drives through the darkness, his headlights the only source of light in his dark world.

While we can’t be sure how much of this is creative expression or The Weeknd’s black sense of humor at work, the video for “Tell Your Friends” is a twisted piece of cinema reminiscent of movies such as No Country for Old Men or any random Quentin Tarantino flick, and even Kanye’s video for “Flashing Lights.” Though The Weeknd says he’s the same old g, this video’s direction and music shows that he’s grown by leaps and bounds.

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