Shabazz Palaces Intrigues With 'The Mystery of Lonnie The Døn'


Have you been keeping up with Adult Swim's current singles series? The venture's first entry, D∆WN's trippy, electro avant-garde piece "Running From Sane," embraced the musical experiment wholeheartedly. Now 10 songs into the 19-track release program, Shabazz Palaces are the latest to contribute a free download to the program. And, like D∆WN's contribution, their track "The Mystery of Lonny the Døn" offers a left-of-center approach.

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Ghostly synths are the meat of the song as they ooze throughout each corner of the track alongside a driving chant of what sounds to be "Dante" repeated in a monotone drone. While the two elements come together to make something of an aural haunted house, the group's resident rapper Ishmael Butler casually spits about a subject that, to be honest, isn't exactly clear. The exact narrative is hard to make out, as it's told in varying cadences that make each piece hard to decipher. However, what is easy to pick up is the ominous mood of the track, which feels thick and dark like gloom settling over a dreary night.

You can pick up this, and the other nine tracks in the series thus far, by heading over to Adult Swim's site now — and make sure you bookmark it as there are more singles to come in the next few weeks. But, before you load up on trippy singles from your favorites, take a listen to "The Mystery of Lonny the Døn" right here.

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