Rodi Kirk & Aron Ottignon Help Electric Wire Hustle & Kimbra's 'Brother Sun' Rise Again


We put you up on news that Electric Wire Hustle was set to release a new EP this year when we brought you their latest single, "Brother Sun," just last week.  The song, a hazy, trippy listen, featured fellow Kiwi Kimbra and is a welcome entry into the band's catalogue. However, if  the avant-garde feel of the original was a bit too much to you, then maybe Rodi Kirk and Aron Ottignon's remix of the track might be more your speed.

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Also fellow Kiwis, but now calling London home, Rodi and Aron give the track a complete facelift. They strip back the track's experimental sound, warming it up with a bit of jazz-inspired piano. But they don't stop there. They also give it a molasses-thick bass line and moving percussion, make this slice of future soul sound more like retro disco. And trust us, that's not a bad thing. The juxtaposition, not to mention how nicely Mara TK and Kimbra's voices play off each other, is enough for us to keep coming back for more.

EWH's upcoming EP Aeons will be out on August 28th. Until then, you can pick up both the original and Rodi Kirk and Aron Ottignon's versions of "Brother Sun" on Bandcamp right now. But first, give the disco-tinged remix a whirl right here.

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