Robin Thicke Proves He's 'Back' On 'Good Morning America'


While Good Morning America has always been a showcase for great musical talent, they’ve been showing out lately. We were dazzled by the always mesmerizing Jill Scott and her live rendition of “Closure” weeks ago and Ledisi’s performance just a few months before. This week, we’re getting an earful of funk and soul from Robin Thicke. Mr. Thicke has had an interesting few years, to say the least, full of extreme highs and lows, as he discussed in his interview with Robin Roberts. However, the “Blurred Lines” crooner proved that the show will go on with a dynamic performance of his latest single, “Back Together.”

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Looking as dapper and charismatic as ever, Robin Thicke gave an energetic performance. Crying, whining and begging never looked this good. And we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the talent of his live band. The musicians took the '80s-esque Max Martin-produced track and embellished it with more horns, maracas, bass and soul than the studio audience could handle. Oh! And for those of us who may have been looking for a version without Nicki Minaj’s verse and any mentions of someone’s “kitty on fleek,” you’re in luck. Robin makes use of the bridge of the song to work the room and hype of the already swooning audience.

With his live rendition of “Back Together,” Mr. Thicke had the entire audience and host Robin Roberts rocking and rolling with no shame. Like a seasoned performer, he owned the stage and never let the energy in the room get the best of him, using it to enhance the music and the experience.

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