Nicholas Ryan Gant Reveals 'The Makings Of You'


If you've been following SoulBounce, then you know that Nicholas Ryan Gant holds a special place in our collective hearts. So whenever he drops something new, it's always our pleasure to support. This time around, however, it's extra special. The crooner has decided to pay homage to one of the greatest songwriters to ever do it, Curtis Mayfield, with his own interpretation of Mayfield's "The Makings of You."

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Honestly, Nicholas covering this particular Curtis Mayfield song is a match made in heaven. With his dynamic range and near-flawless falsetto, he was born to sing Mayfield especially this. His take shrewdly doesn't stray from the original, instead living and breathing in the many layers of instrumentation while adding his own harmonies into the mix. What results is a living, breathing tribute that doesn't feel too old fashioned but doesn't take too many modern liberties, either.

In the accompanying visual, he also takes an equally timeless approach. In it, we see him come home after a long day. But the rest of the world melts away as soon as he snuggles up with his boo and gets some quality time. Smiles, caresses and stolen glances abound as the two lovebirds enjoy each others company to the fullest. We also get a glimpse of Nicholas as he roams the streets and sidewalks as he sings sweet melodies with a wide grin. It's all shot beautifully by the folks at Nocturnal Charm Media and captures the mood and feel of the song quite nicely. If you're in need of a quiet respite from the typical Monday blues, go ahead and press play right now.

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