Kirk Franklin Returns With 'Wanna Be Happy?'


Contemporary gospel trailblazer Kirk Franklin is taking time off from his side jobs as host of BET’s Sunday Best and guiding artists like The Walls Group and Christon Gray as label head over at Fo Yo Soul Recordings to jump back into his own musical journey. He’s preparing his first album in almost five years and slowly introducing us to the newness by rolling out a brand new single today.

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“Wanna Be Happy?” is the title and message of this new song, and it is basically the opposite of his 2011 hit “I Smile.” Where “I Smile” was a song about finding joy on your own, even in the midst of pain and sorrow, “Wanna Be Happy?” finds Franklin and his singers essentially telling listeners that the way to find happiness is to get out of the way, let God take the wheel and direct them to brighter days. “If you’re tired of being the same / If you’re tired things not changing / It’s time for you to get out the way,” they sing. Franklin’s impeccable way with words is absolutely shining here, and he has not veered far away from his signature sound either.

While not many details have been announced about this forthcoming album, “Wanna Be Happy?” is currently available via iTunes and Franklin is slated to be performing it this coming Sunday on the season finale of BET’s Sunday Best All Star season.

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