Jax Jones Provides Lion Babe With An ‘Impossible’ To Deny Remix


Lion Babe rocked our eyes and ear when they released the visuals for their latest single, “Impossible.” And just when you think they can’t rock you anymore, they unleash a trio of hot remixes to the song. While each is remix is pretty dope in it’s own, the one that’s got us shaking our collective groove thangs is the contribution from UK upstart Jax Jones.

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Jax takes the simple foundation of the original and builds upon it quite nicely. There’s an extra percussion here, a slowing of the vocals there, a few synth flourishes added for good measure and then he ties it all up in a bow with a thumping electronic bass line and hypnotic, echoing bells. But just when you thought you have the beat figured out, Jax goes and adds a stomping, clapping rhythm and electric guitar to change things up a bit before going right back to the percolating house beat.

“Impossible” and each of its remixes are available for purchase on iTunes right now. We’re sure your ears will have a blast while you decide which is your favorite. In fact, get a head start on the process by streaming Jax Jones’ remix right here.

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