Electric Wire Hustle Delivers A Song For The ‘Aeons’


We only have a little over a week until we get our hands on Electric Wire Hustle‘s EP Aeons. While that seems like a short wait, with the quality of music coming from the duo, it’s hard to not anticipate the set’s arrival. We’ve been nodding our heads to the hazy sounds of the Kimbra-featuring single “Brother Sun” and its head-nod worthy remixes, and now they’ve gone and released the gorgeous title track to get us further hyped for the project.

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“Aeons” seems to be a simple set up at first. Production wise, it utilizes a swatch of strings draped over a bass-heavy programmed drum loop with some added synths for good measure. However, the production’s simplicity isn’t what it seems, as it lends itself well to Mara TK‘s rather complicated narrative. He spins a cautionary tale of complicated truths, maternal warnings, hotheaded young men, police brutality and a bad situation made worse. Grounding it all, though, is Mara’s haunting vocal, which sounds sublime against the musical backdrop and makes the song’s closing words (“Turn it down and chill / You’ve got time to kill / Or time to live / You’ve got aeons”) resonate so beautifully.

Aeons will be available to the public on August 28th, but you can pre-order the six-song set right now via Bastard Jazz. Before you do that, though, listen to the the title track right here.

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