B.o.B, Wurld & London Jae Invite You Over For Some ‘Netflix And Chill’


A fancy dinner and quality time with bae is usually all we ask for, but sometimes you just want to go no frills and get busy. These days, that’s jokingly referred to as “Netflix and chill” and now there’s a song about it. Fresh off the release of his new album Psycadelik ThoughtzB.o.B thought it would be fitting to team up with No Genre artists Wurld and London Jae to combine their reckless thoughts in their new single “Netflix and Chill,” which details a late-night hangout with the object of your desire. So it’s not a top notch date, nor is it a top notch song, but the three artists put to music what a lot of modern-day daters are going for lately and we can’t even be mad about it. “I was thinking Netflix and chill / I got drank and smoke on deck / That’s if you come through for real / I wake up and eat it up / That’s bed and breakfast for real,” raps Bobby Ray. Whether you think it’s romantic or not, the percussion-heavy beat serves as the perfect base for the foolery and the crew’s rapping and singing abilities keep us just as engaged as something on Netflix would.

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B.o.B has been featured on a few singles lately, most recently on Jordin Sparks“Work From Home,” his boo Sevyn Streeter‘s single “Shoulda Been There” and he’s been perfecting his flow with the No Genre clique, which you can listen to on SoundCloud. Produced by Burn 1, you won’t find “Netflix and Chill” on his latest album, but you can listen to it right here and then purchase Psycadelik Thoughtz on iTunes. Until then, click play and let us know if you’re ready to chill with B.o.B and crew for a ratchet night in.

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