A History Of Janet Jackson’s 10 Best Dance Videos

The Knowledge (1989)

Choreographer: Anthony Thomas

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A little casual vandalism never hurt anyone’s reputation, right? Just ask Janet’s big brother. While Janet fought prejudice, ignorance, bigotry and illiteracy in “The Knowledge,” she cracked more than a few windows, knocked over paint cans and probably broke some rules by kicking open the rooftop door to make her grand entrance. But it was all with a purpose in this clip, which is part of the long-form Rhythm Nation music video-movie that meshes it together with “Miss You Much” and “Rhythm Nation.” That mission was to educate for a better day and she schools us by jamming solo before being joined by three of the Rhythm Nation Dancers to hoof it out for social justice. The stone-cold jam is one of Michael Jackson’s favorites, with him proclaiming it “really just makes me crazy, makes me wild” when he danced to it for inspiration. No doubt this video helped influence that.

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