A History Of Janet Jackson's 10 Best Dance Videos

Nasty (1986)

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Choreographer: Paula Abdul

The track that gave us “No my first name ain’t Baby / It’s Janet, Miss Jackson if you’re nasty” also provided a Broadway-style battle of the sexes. Within the clip, Janet took on sexism and all-around no-good men with her weapons of choice: funky eight-counts carefully crafted by former Laker Girl Paula Abdul. Though the toughs antagonizing Janet were more ballet than B-boy, they did little to hinder their sometimes aggressive pursuits within the video. But Miss Jackson was strong, regularly quick-stepping into expressive and energized rebukes of their come-ons and demanding respect — on their own turf, no less, after “backflipping” into a movie screen and, obviously, the movie itself. That may be one of the sillier elements of this short flick, but it otherwise packed a punch with its choreographed charisma.

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