Soulful Nerd’s Seen & Heard In Europe: Catching Up With Kwabs & Denai Moore


Hey fam,

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I'm now faced with the reality of a few things I didn't really think about before I moved from the States. Now that I'm based in another country, I have double the amount of relationships to manage. The time difference coupled with my late night outings to events and concerts makes it difficult for me to call/Skype my peeps in the states as often as I had initially envisioned. And while maintaining my pretty rigid music and language-learning schedule, I have to make sure I leave time for relaxation and really enjoy my new surroundings. It has been challenging finding my balance with all of these different things lately. I will say, though, music has been the centering element in the midst of this transition. I saw a few really great live concerts recently that definitely got my mind right.

In tune,
Kenny Wesley, the Soulful Nerd

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