Love Trouble? Get A Shot Of Ophelia Cache's 'Vaccine'


Here at SoulBounce, we have an appreciation for artists who can embrace a vintage sound while simultaneously giving us something authentically original. Since we're currently crushing on the likes of Andra Day and Leon Bridges, it got us to wondering...where in the world is Ophelia Cache? We became enamored with the Denver-born chanteuse last year, and then she seemingly vanished. Well lo and behold, the Bounce-Worthy singer recently resurfaced in her home base of Brooklyn with a June performance at Littlefield. And now, she's gifting us with a brand new single, "Vaccine."

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Dubbing the track as "future blues," Ms. Cache shares the secret of how she copes with her relationship woes. "Got vaccinated...immune to your lies / Been sick off them about a million times," she laments. From the sound of things, we're guessing she keeps current on her booster shots. Her voice was once described as, "A sonically sweet amaretto for the ear's drinking pleasure." On this particular track, her vocal delivery is a heady cocktail of retro jazz and saucy blues, invoking the peaceful haze that accompanies the morphine drip referenced in the lyrics. Hit the play button below to get a dose of Ophelia's aural serum.

Ophelia has teased that a new EP is in the works. We're not sure if this is the long awaited Dolly & The Bull album, or if it's something else entirely. Either way, we can't wait to get our hands on it. In the meantime, scroll down and join us as we reminisce on Ophelia's previous work and vintage style with the videos for "Leaving London" and "Do You Know." Then follow her on Twitter for style inspiration, updates on the album and upcoming live performances.

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