Lili K. Hopes To Right Her Wrongs With 'Forgive Me'


They say that forgiveness is for the forgiver, not the forgiven. In the video for her latest single “Forgive Me,” Chi-town's jazzy-soul sensation Lili K. makes a strong case for why she wants to be forgiven, and she is willing to do the same for mistakes that cannot be undone. Directed by Denzel Williams, the visuals emit a somber and reflective aura, imbued with absolution and hope.

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As a haunting violin plays, the video opens with a shot of Lili’s silhouette. She gestures fluidly as she sings about asking for forgiveness for her insecurities and jealousy. Lili’s vocals are punctuated with slow-motion city life and solitary shots of her reflecting on past hurts. This brief and bittersweet montage is a clear contrast to the theme and visuals for her previous single, “I Don’t Want You No More;” the only similarity is the black and white filter.

With the visuals for "Forgive Me," Lili K. proves why she was named as one of the first TIDAL Rising Emerging Indie Artists. The third single off of her self-produced debut album, Ruby, “Forgive Me” shows distinctive growth and versatility in this songstress’ artistry. Check out the visuals for “Forgive Me,” and let us know if it’s enough to convince you to forgive.

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