Kimbra Finds Animated Genius In Her ‘Goldmine’


New Zealand’s own Kimbra has become known for her quirky, original approach to music videos. Her most recent album, last year’s The Golden Echo, allowed the singer to explore her unique aesthetic in clips for “90s Music” and “Miracle” as well as a super creative lyric video for “Love In High Places.” But the chanteuse isn’t done producing visual gold for the album.

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In her latest video for the song “Goldmine,” Kimbra turns to directors Timothy Armstrong and Chester Travis to produce a mostly black-and-white stop-motion fantasy. We say mostly because, obviously, the only color visible in the clip is gold. Shot in an old factory in Berlin, the creative visual simply uses gold-colored aluminum foil, a few hundred polystyrene spikes and Kimbra herself (nope, there was no CGI used here) to create the effect of her golden genius spilling over into all aspects of her life.

On the song and the video’s meaning, Kimbra told Rolling Stone, “Gold must be refined in the fire before it takes on its true character. Much like life itself, we must be tested and refined before we can give from the deepest part of ourselves.”

Peep the artistic clip and let us know what other meaning you might be able to find in “Goldmine.”

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