JMSN Continues To Ride The Throwback 'Waves'


JMSN is at it again with a new visual that has that old school feel down for the song "Waves." He returns to the director's chair but this time sets the music video for the throwback R&B groove both on a body of water and in a dance studio. We see JMSN alternately living it up, drinking a brew or chilling hard on a speed boat on a lake before we're taken to the dance studio. At the studio, we're introduced to a group of female dancers who perform a little routine to "Waves" while singer Elizabeth Jeanette belts out the bridge. Later in the clip, JMSN activates his best Color Me Badd posturing as he's joined by a troupe of male dancers with their own choreography before ending with a little chopped and screwed action. It's hokey, it's hilarious, it's so '80s and we're here for it all.

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If you've been keeping track, this is the seventh video that JMSN has dropped from his self-titled debut album since the top of the year. He has kept us entertained every month with a new clip that looks straight outta 1985, not 2015. If JMSN keeps this pace up, he'll have released videos for every song from JMSN by next February. We can't wait to see if that is in fact the case, and we'll keep our sights locked on his YouTube page in the coming months for more of his musical comedies.

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