Janet Jackson Gets 'No Sleeep' In The Studio For Her Lyric Video


To say that our anticipation of Janet Jackson's new project is high would be the year's biggest understatement. Yet and still, with Janet being rather tight-lipped about her new project, we're willing to take anything she's willing to give us as far as it's concerned. This morning, Janet took to her favorite medium these days, Twitter, to drop another morsel for us: the "No Sleeep" lyric video.

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If you were one of her fans mumbling her lyrics as you nodded your head to the hypnotic groove (don't act like we didn't see you), then this will help you out, as it features the typed-out lyrics from beginning to end. And while you rush to Google to get a definition of "fait accompli," you can also check out footage of Janet, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis vibing out in the studio as they create the record and the rest of Janet's as-yet-untitled album. While we're definitely excited about this lyric video, we're even more excited by what this portends, as we all know the lyric video is but a short hop, skip and step before the actual video arrives.

Still, it's becoming clear that with this current album cycle, patience is a virtue. So we'll patiently await Ms. Jackson's next unveiling with bated breath. In the meantime, check out the lyric video and get your Janet fix.

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