Get Another ‘Look’ At Muhsinah With This Remix


Have you been missing Muhsinah? It seems the songstress always pops up on the scene only to disappear soon after. The last time we heard from her was way back in February, when she released her cover of Rico Love‘s “Someone Else” (and she also produced Raheem DeVaughn‘s cover of “Any Time, Any Place” that same month). Now, some five months later, she’s back with a hot remix of her track “Look.”

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“Look” may sound familiar to you, as she previously released the track in 2013. But her remix of the track is certainly not old hat. She ups the track’s twerk-ability with a rolling electronic bass bump, hi-hats sounding off like rapid gunfire and eerie synths that might remind you of something you’d hear in a club, but with an ever-so-slight exotic flair that adds more depth than the usual. Despite the change up, the one constant is Muhsinah’s solid vocal. She’s sultry, defiant, confident and powerful all at the same time as she challenges a suitor to look into her face and see the possibility between them. With the divine Miss Muhsinah sounding so good, how could he say no?

“Look (RMX)” is available to purchase now at online retailers, including iTunes and Amazon. But before you add the song to your library (and trust, you’ll want to add it to your library), give the track a spin or fifty right here.

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