Devin Tracy Borrows A Verse From Kendrick Lamar For 'Make It Up'


A little less than a year ago we were immersed in Devin Tracy’s charming Goodmorning EP, and now it looks like he’s ready to give us the sequel, Goodafternoon. After quietly releasing a live EP earlier this year, Devin is looking to prepare us for Goodafternoon by releasing his endearing take on Kendrick Lamar’s 2011 JaVonté-assisted single, “She Needs Me.” While Kendrick’s version focused on a successful young lady who he was chasing after, Devin turns the hip-hop love story into a song about a missed rendezvous and catching up with the love of his life on “Make It Up.”

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From the sound of it, Devin’s bae wants to kick it and have what Solange would call a champagne-chronic-nightcap, but Devin has other things to do. He ends up skipping out on date night and now he’s got to make it up. “Can’t forget what you say / I just want to make it right,” he sings. This song showcases Devin’s vocal growth, his versatility and his ability to tell a great story without his lyrical prowess overshadowing his vocals. We're totally looking forward to Goodafternoon and what this young crooner will be bringing to the table. But for now, grab a free copy of "Make It Up" off of SoundCloud as we wait for more from Devin.

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