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What happens to the lead singer of an alternative rock band on the brink of greatness when they disband? Does he go on to form one of those cringe-worthy, ego-stroking supergroups? Does he continue to try and hang on to the band by touring as the band but without any of the other original members? Well, if you're ​Ryan Hunter​, the former lead singer of Long Island’s ​Envy On The Coast​, you reimagine yourself as an elusive alternative R&B-meets-new wave artist by the name of ​1st Vows​.

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1st Vows’ roots in rock should not sway lovers of synth heavy R&B from pressing play. This is melancholy, moody music that steadily winds its way into your soul. With the release of his debut EP, ​The Red EP​, 1st Vows makes it clear that he’s come into his own truth with this sound. In an interview with ​Huffington Post​ late last year, 1st Vows hinted that he had outgrown his previous incarnation in rock. ​"I felt like I was using all these tools and all these sounds because I knew them and I grew up with them and that was what I did, but it wasn’t me.”

Taking a brave step into a soulful sound has paid off for 1st Vows, with The Red EP being full to the brim with hypnotic tracks that are hard to forget. On the EP opener “Desperation,” 1st Vows delicately croons over a dark, driving beat before letting his vocals soar on the chorus. On “Perfection,” he sings over perfectly placed layers of guitar, synths and drums to create a bright tone.

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