SoulBounce Exclusive: J-Felix & Abi Flynn Exercise A Little ‘Patience’


J-Felix is a Brighton, England-based singer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and DJ who has toured the world as a member of Alice Russell‘s band. And if you’ve ever seen Alice Russell live, then you should already know that J-Felix is no joke on the guitar. Soon music lovers will get to know J-Felix even better with the release of his debut album, 101 Reasons, on Tru Thoughts at the end of this month. To give everyone a taste of what J-Felix is bringing to the table, SoulBounce is happy to world premiere the music video for his song “Patience” featuring Abi Flynn.

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On “Patience,” J-Felix takes a backseat to focus on the production and gives Abi Flynn the keys to drive. Together their sound is reminiscent of Groove Theory, with Felix providing a soundbed of snyths, percussion and saxophone for Flynn to lay her airy and soulful vocals atop.

The black-and-white visuals for “Patience” mainly focus on Abi as she spends a night at home. But she isn’t alone. We see that she’s joined on her couch by J-Felix whose face is painted with geometric shapes while he talks incessantly. As the camera pans out two dancers also rocking face and body paint appear next to the couch and break out into modern dance. While all this activity is going on around her, Abi is unaffected and simply stares into the camera before she starts singing.  J-Felix disappears, but the dancers remain and Abi gets up and walks around her house. She changes clothes, freshens up, pours a couple of drinks and goes back to the couch. Then J-Felix reappears only to disappear again. Wait a second…Are these people really there with Abi? Has she been drinking and the liquor got her thinking? Director Linn Boudin‘s visual definitely leaves us with more questions than answers, but the video does lend itself to interpretation while you try to figure out exactly what is going on here.

One thing there is no question about, though, is that “Patience” is a fly song. If you’re digging it as much as we are, then you can pick up the double single “Patience”/”Late Night SOS” on June 16th. J-Felix’s 101 Reasons will hit stores on June 30th.

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